Do Pheromone Colognes Actually Work?

pheromone for menPheromone perfumes are formulated with chemicals that inspire sexual attraction in human beings. They are commonly sold at specialty perfumeries or online from various makeup and beauty manufacturers. The big question is whether they work or not.

There has been research conducted which would indicate that they do work. There are senses in the human nostrils which can pick up very subtle scents in other people which they find attractive. The pheromone perfumes and colognes that are sold contain chemicals that will be picked up by the nostrils in such a way that the person smelling them will find themselves inexplicably attracted to the person wearing the scent.

Pheromones do not occur inside a person’s body. They are emanated from it externally. Today, scientists are still trying to work hard to understand how humans have the same power that some animals have with being able to pick up on these subtle scents.

For many years, it was believed that pheromones were only picked up by the animal species. Now it is more and more accepted that human beings have these same abilities in what are called the vomeronasal organs in the nose.

People who do not wear pheromone perfumes may have already found themselves in situations where for some unknown reason they felt incredibly attracted to someone. They could not explain it or use logic to figure out what the person had going for them. They may not have even been able to figure out what they found physically attractive about that person. They just found that person irresistible.

Finding attractive partners as human beings has to be somewhat in our DNA. After all, if we did not find one another attractive, we would have a problem keeping the human species alive. To this day, human beings pick up on certain partners with their abilities to sense certain smells from other people.

Today’s pheromone perfumes are not just good for making a person attractive to the other sex. They are also good for delighting the senses in general. Some perfumes that include pheromones have been released by perfume makers like Gucci or Chanel. These include animal pheromone derivatives as well as ingredients like musk.

Many people are familiar with musk as a popular fragrance. The reason is down to its ability to make the wearer irresistible and incredibly sexy. Other scents include ambergris and vanilla.

You can buy these perfumes and colognes online or at various department stores.  Here’s a good resource for a list of the best pheromones:  To find the one that is best for you be sure to do an online search for pheromone perfumes and colognes. Then, visit a store that sells a few of these products so that you can try them yourself and see or smell how nicely they play off your skin.

As an added tip, you may also want to improve your diet. As humans age, their natural pheromone content decreases. This can be prevented by living healthy and eating lots of foods rich in L-arginine and zinc. Many vitamin products contain zinc so you can add more of this to your life by purchasing supplements if you find you are having trouble getting enough foods into your daily diet that contain it. L-arginine is also best found in supplement format and this can help boost natural pheromone production in your own body.

You will be able to find yourself as attractive as possible to the other sex when you wear your pheromone fragrance. Just be careful because you might attract individuals with whom you yourself feel no real attraction for. That’s how powerful these perfumes can work!