Do Pheromone Colognes Actually Work?

pheromone for menPheromone perfumes are formulated with chemicals that inspire sexual attraction in human beings. They are commonly sold at specialty perfumeries or online from various makeup and beauty manufacturers. The big question is whether they work or not.

There has been research conducted which would indicate that they do work. There are senses in the human nostrils which can pick up very subtle scents in other people which they find attractive. The pheromone perfumes and colognes that are sold contain chemicals that will be picked up by the nostrils in such a way that the person smelling them will find themselves inexplicably attracted to the person wearing the scent.…

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Affordable Pet Insurance

jack russel terrierAs pet owners, you are committed to doing whatever you can to help your pets stay happy and healthy. Ever wondered what if your pet gets injured in an accident or falls ill? Will you be able to afford their veterinary bills out of your own pocket? Well, worry not! The good news is that pet insurance can help you pay for your pet’s treatments to get them back to their healthy life. However, finding the right insurance plan can be an intimidating task. So to find out the different pet insurance plans, here is a quick guide:…

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Glucosamine Treats for Your Dog

dog treatsIf your dog is experiencing difficulty walking or running, has started limping for no obvious reason or is exhibiting trouble getting up and lying down, there’s a good chance that it has osteoarthritis. Like humans, pets can develop arthritic conditions or joint disorders that can often result in severe pain. Osteoarthritis in dogs can occur as a result of various causes including muscle, ligament or tendon disease, congenital disorders, degenerative joint disease, metabolic problems and fractures involving the joints.…

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